"It's okay to start over with a new foundation"

Jasmyne Y. Summers is an Atlanta based women’s wear designer and founder of Page XVII By Jasmyne S., Inc. She was born in Augusta, Ga, raised in Statesboro, Ga, and currently resides in Atlanta, Ga, where she is building her brand. Her family is the driving force behind her ambitious spirit. Without God being number one in her life and the love from her family Jasmyne would not be the person she is today! 


Jasymne graduated Cum Laude from South Carolina State University with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Business-Fashion Merchandising.  Although she had a passion for fashion and sewing since the age of 8, her Fashion Degree along with highly appreciated training from Master Tailor, James McFarland, better known as “Gentleman Jim”, has given her the skills needed to grow as an individual and designer.

Page XVII By Jasmyne S., Inc. was founded in August of 2014 and can be described as chic, classic, elegant and for the woman who has a story to tell! Page XVII (17) represents her birthday May 17, 1992. Before we were born God 

had a plan and a destiny for our lives, but only through His guidance are we able to fully walk in our purpose and fulfill what He has called us to accomplish on this earth. Page XVII is relatable because it is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. This brand is for the woman who knows her value and worth. Everyone has a birthday and also a destiny to fulfill. Life is like a storybook. EVERYONE HAS A STORY… WHAT PAGE DOES YOURS BEGIN ON?

Page XVII has also been featured in many major websites, publications and television networks such as  The Fader, The Word Network, Naturalista Daily Magazine and Kontrol Magazine. Page XVII has also had multiple celebrities and women of influence wear the brand such as Terri J Vaughn, Heather Lindsey and Shamari DeVoe only to name a few.

Page XVII recently released its 2021 Bridal Collection entitled “Chapter 1:Welcome to Genesis" meet MAMIE LOU that is now carried in Pink Parrot Luxe Bridal Salon in Jackson, Mississippi.