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Ken White is the self/God taught Mississippi fashion designer and owner, creative director, and seamster of the Ken White Collection. At the age of 17 Ken discovered his passion for fashion and his overall God given gift of designing clothes. In only 4-years’ time, Ken has made a small yet great statement with his designs in Mississippi. Specializing in elegant evening wear gowns and styling for guys, his designs and tips are regularly sought out by clients attending, red carpet events, prom, and/or any occasion in which the client wants to feel set a part from the crowd. His work has been featured in numerous fashion shows, magazines, and news press such as MSFWEEK, Mississippi’s Rock the Runway, Small Boutique Fashion Week Atlanta, Style Mississippi Magazine and Mississippi Today News.  

Ken’s quality, style, and overall vision for his brand has greatly set him apart from most in the business. Throughout his current success and favor of God over his life and gift, he remains humble. Ken believes that his accomplishments thus far are just the beginning phases of a great brand and he plans to continue to perfect his gift by learning all he can about the fashion industry. Inspired by celebrities, the red carpet, and the overall feeling of a satisfied client will never go away and will continue to fuel his desire to become one of the greats in the fashion industry.